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Online gambling sites targeted by DDoS attacks

The online gambling industry is big business, estimated to be worth over $40 billion this year. But its success makes it a target for extortion and for DDoS attacks.

DDoS can prove particularly harmful for this type of site as around 60 per cent of transactions are carried out in real time and are therefore sensitive to latency.

IT security specialist Gold Security has produced an infographic looking at how these attacks affect the industry. It points out that service outages during major sporting events can lead to people going to other sites to place bets. Some attacks may therefore be down to unscrupulous competitors seeking to steal business.

Anthony Khamsei CEO of Gold Security says, "E-commerce events are busy times. With online gambling sites in particular, it’s like experiencing Black Friday - several times a year. A half-second delay renders a site unusable, unlike shopping where the tolerance for imperceptible delays may not make or break a sale". Online gaming sites also have predictable rush hours during the weekend or major sporting events, they become easy targets for these DDoS attacks.

You can see the full infographic below or read more on the Gold Security blog.

Gambling sites DDoS

Image Credit: EDHAR / Shutterstock