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Pebble releases a round-faced smartwatch

Pebble has released a new smartwatch, called Pebble Time Round. As the name might suggest, it has a round face, and is Pebble's first smartwatch device which doesn't feature a square face.

According to various media reports, the Round is a quality product. It is only 7.5mm thick, making it the thinnest and lightest device on the market. It also charges really fast – the company says it takes 15 minutes to fully charge the watch, which can then operate for 24 hours.

The Time Round is all metal, making it more similar to the Pebble Time Steel than the less-costly plastic Time. It has a 38.5mm face, and a large bezel surrounding the screen. Like the other watches in the Time range, the Time Round has a microphone for voice actions, a 64-color display with backlight, and splash resistance.

The Pebble Time Round comes in two variants, apparently one for the male, and one for the female audience. The difference is in the strap. The male version has a 20mm strap, while the female has a 14mm strap. The 14mm size will also come in a rose gold finish, in addition to the silver and black finishes of the larger size. This might anger a feminist or two, though.

It seems as Pebble has succeeded in what it aimed for – creating a more classy, stylish smartwatch.

You can preorder the Time Round from Pebble's website, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon starting today, and Pebble says it will be generally available starting November 8.