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An Apple supplier accused of abusing its workforce

One of the factories in China, where the glass for the Apple iPhone device is being made, is accused of abusing its workforce.

According to a report by UK’s Business Insider, the Lens Technology factory forced its workers into overtime, withheld wages, risked workers’ health and failed to pay social security for the workforce.

The allegations were made by the Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM). The organisation, which looked into three of Lens Technology’s factories, sent undercover workers into factories, and interviewed other workers off-site.

SACOM called for Apple to "apply immediate measures to rectify exploitations in its supply chain".

"We urge Apple Inc. to fulfil its corporate responsibility... to give workers a workplace with dignity and respect," it said in a statement. "Dust, noise, polluted water and chemical substances are common problems on the shop floor," it added, with management "ignoring if workers were well-protected".

SACOM spokeswoman Liang Pui-kwan said the group was not only targeting Apple.

"But Apple is the richest and has the biggest ability to make change and bring the industry forward," she said. We're trying to bring the facts in front of people and let them know what they are choosing."

Apple recently released the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus smartphones. The devices feature the 3D Force Touch display – a new take on the touchscreen technology.

3D Force Touch allows the smartphone to recognize three different types of touches: a light tap, a harder tap and a full press.