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Facebook goes down for 12 minutes, the world loses it

Facebook is down. Everybody panic now!

The world's largest social media site went offline yesterday for a whole 12 minutes, according to multiple media reports, and the world has gone berserk. Everyone flocked to Twitter (which the latter probably enjoyed, knowing that it got surpassed by Instagram in the number of members, recently) to express their shock and disbelief.

Facebook's error page had an automated message which said the site was 'working on it' and would 'get it fixed as soon as we can'. The hashtag #facebook down started trending soon after, with some people posting hilarious comments about the whole issue.

“Facebook was down earlier so I spent some time with my family, they seem like nice people”, one post read.

Soon it would be proven how humans show their true sense of humour during catastrophic events, with tweets like “For a second I didn’t know if the people who were mean to me in high school still lead sad and unfulfilling lives” and “day 1, minute 3: we still have electricity, poppa has been hoarding antibiotics and microbrews. We're gonna ride this out.”

Facebook's 'Platform Status' page, which is used to communicate when the site is broken, appeared to also be having technical problems, Daily Mail wrote in a report.'s Facebook map showed outages in North America, Europe, Australia and India.

Facebook, which also owns Instagram, denied they were hacked at the time and blamed the outage on 'a change that affected our configuration systems'. Facebook had 1.25 billion monthly active users at the end of September last year.

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