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Netflix enters the virtual reality game

Starting today, you can watch Netflix in virtual reality, and I'm not entirely sure I completely understand the concept of it all.

Here's the deal: Netflix partnered with Samsung, and will use its virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR, to bring Netflix content to the end user.

The whole gig is available since September 24 2015, and next year it will expand to the Facebook-owned Oculus VR.

What I can't wrap my head around, though, is what it will be used for. According to a report by Tech Insider, this isn't about watching virtual reality films. Then what is it for?

"It's about sitting in a virtual theatre, or virtual home theatre, or whatever else you want, and watching standard Netflix video on the screen of your choice,“ it says. Ugh, OK.

"To start, the only virtual world you'll be sitting in a standard living room,“ it adds.

Netflix aside, it seems as other popular video streaming services will join the virtual reality craze. Those include both Hulu and Twitch, as well as Vimeo, al of which were announced alongside the news of Netflix entering the virtual reality space.

Another interesting thing: Facebook's 360-degree videos, which launched only recently, will be viewable in both the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift.

20th Century Fox and Lionsgate movies will be available to either rent or buy, in the coming weeks.

The entire Netflix catalogue will be available when the app goes live on the Oculus store which will, according to media reports, be very soon.