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10 reasons to use a Virtual Private Network

The need for seamless online communications has led to the development of new and unique software. Virtual private network (VPN) extends a private connection through a public network like the internet.

These networks are structured differently and some may offer communication through point-to-point topology. Using a virtual private network comes with many uses and benefits as outlined below.

Remote control

For a company, using a virtual private network allows different users to access information remotely from homes and any other places where workers can use the system to do some tasks. This has proved to enhance efficiency, something that has led to an increase in productivity.

Most companies that have adopted use of VPN networks have been able to outsource tasks thereby reducing the cost of maintaining in-house labour. Eventually, this has contributed to increased revenue generation. This is why companies are switching over to ip camera hosting for their physical security as well as using the cloud for most of their computing.

Security is enhanced

When users connect through a virtual private network, their data is kept encrypted. For business purposes, a VPN network helps to protect important data that can lead to losses when accessed by malicious persons. This also ensures information provided by clients is kept secure from hackers, who may use the details for malicious practices.

File sharing

If a company operates with different teams and there is need for file sharing over a long distance, using a VPN would be an easy solution to speeding up the process of having information shared among different parties. This makes the execution of different tasks, especially processing client orders, an easy process and a more flexible exercise.

Online anonymity

Unlike hide IP software, the VPN network allows the user to access the web in total anonymity. When you want to access secret information online, you can blur your location by using a virtual private network. In case someone tries to track your activity, it becomes difficult to locate you on the internet.

Bypass filters

In some instances, you may try accessing a website then you realise it’s installed with software that filters users. If the website blocks users from a certain region, you can still access information on it through a virtual private network.

The network works by creating an anonymous connection that places your browser in the specific region needed for users to access information on the website.

Change IP address

A VPN network also allows the user to change their IP address and to access information more easily especially on websites registered for certain countries. This does not affect the computer and the user can easily disconnect the network whenever he/she is done accessing the right information.

Better performance

Immediately after a VPN network is installed, it leads to increased bandwidth and network speed as well as efficiency. When you want to download large files, you can make the network better by installing a VPN network.

For people in areas where network is not fairly strong, using a VPN is an ultimate solution to accessing anything over the internet. It also reduces on the rate at which your internet gets used up.

Low costs

Once you start using a virtual private network for your connections, you save on data costs. The network allows you to access information seamlessly while saving on the consumption of mobile data.


Adding users to a VPN is easy and not as prohibitive as conventional network sharing systems. Flexibility is enhanced as an organisation can connect with workers from different locations easily and the connections are secured to ensure all information shared is protected from unauthorised persons

Affordable scalability

For many organisations, building a VPN is affordable and can be expanded as the organisation keeps expanding. Maintenance costs are also low and the network does not experience regular breakdowns.

Lee Ying has over 10 years experience in the technology and security industry

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