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Facebook introduces new advertising products to lure money away from TV

At the weekend, Facebook revealed a number of new advertising products to help in its ongoing quest for further monetisation.

As Reuters reports, these introductions are mostly about bolstering the advertising side of Instagram (which Facebook owns), and are aimed at leveraging the mobile strengths of the social network.

The central idea is to persuade TV advertisers to spend their hard earned cash pushing products on mobile rather than television, via the argument that particularly younger folks these days consume media far more on their mobile device rather than a TV.

You can’t really argue with that, as most of the media consumption surveys of late have pointed to this fact.

Facebook offers other advantages too, one of the biggest being that advertisers can target specific demographics online, which isn’t possible with TV advertising.

Reuters didn't name the exact new products which would be made available, although it did mention that one was "brand awareness" adverts. The idea with these is that they reach a lot of eyeballs, and advertisers will be able to poll phone users concerning whether they saw an advert.

Last month, we also heard about Facebook's efforts to boost its ad revenue over in India, a country where it has been struggling (the social network earns 15 cents per user here compared to around $8 per user in the US).

The Indian push includes offering businesses free email support when it comes to marketing questions, and also providing a new advertising feature called "click to missed call", which automatically rings the advertiser for the user and hangs up straightaway. That means the user doesn't pay for the call, and the advertiser can call back.

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