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Is Apple planning a waterproof iPhone 7?

Tech giant Apple seems to be focusing on further improving the durability of its phones -thereby avoiding the next "bendgate" scandal. After the reinforced 7000 series aluminium on the iPhone 6S, the latest rumour says that Apple's iPhone 7 will be waterproof and dust-proof.

Previous rumours suggested Apple has been investigating a number of technologies such as silicone seals for entry points on the phone as well as encapsulated system-on-chip processors.

But in a more recent report by Japanese blog Mac Otakara, it says that there are a number of iPhone prototype units with "ruggedized" features, a waterproof design that could be applied to a non-metal frame.

The blog also cites that sources have said that Apple's next-generation iPhone will have a "completely flat" LCD display.

While Apple followers should take this rumour with a grain of salt, it may be noteworthy to say that the blog had previously been correct in predicting the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

In addition, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has already been proven to have survived for an hour when put to the test under water, showing that the tech company may possibly get to that technology in its next-generation phones.

Photo Credit: Anton Watman/Shutterstock