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IT security industry has even less women now

There's even less women in the IT security industry now than there were two years ago, a survey had shown.

The widening gender gap was noticed by ISC2, "the largest organization that certifies cyber professionals“, as Reuters wrote in a report.

ISC2 questioned almost 14,000 IT security professionals in developed countries and found that only 10 per cent of them were women. Two years ago, that number stood at 11 per cent.

ISC2 official Elise Yacobellis said in an interview that this spells trouble: "It is certainly alarming to see it go down to 10 percent," Yacobellis said.

The problem lies mostly in the fact that there isn't enough of IT security professionals to begin with. ISC2 reported earlier this year that 62 per cent of respondents said their organizations did not have enough security professionals.

"We have a huge workforce shortage. If we brought more women into this field, I believe that gap would lessen," Yacobellis said.

The survey also found pay inequalities. Some 47 perc ent of men reported annual salaries of at least $120,000, compared to 41 per cent of women.

This information comes at a time where a lot of tech companies, especially in Silicon Valley, are under increasing pressure to diversify their workforce, bring in more women (especially in leadership roles) and minorities.

Companies such as Facebook are being criticised that their workforce consists mostly of white males. Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has repeated his promise to get serious about building a workforce that better reflects the diversity of its 1.4 billion global users.