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Netflix offers tools to build an automation button for binge watchers

Preparing to sink into a new TV series? Want three hours without any interruptions from your mobile? Netflix has you covered, with a new detailed guide on how to build 'The Switch', a button that automates all of the niggles before binge watching a series into one press.

The guide goes through creating the system to make the button to work, offering a guide to find IR patterns to turn on Netflix. Once the button is hardware finished, you can add more code from an existing library to automate even more. Automate your favourite takeaway order, dim the lights, turn your phone to do not disturb and even turn on the home speaker setup with one press.

Since the button is quite cheap to build — needing a microcontroller, battery, micro USB cable, and some wood — avid Netflix fans should be able to build a few for different systems, or attach several buttons to the same hub.

It wasn’t impossible to do this before, but Netflix definitely wants more DIY enthusiasts to have a crack at building a button to settle in for a night of TV. It is part of a growing trend of tech companies trying to automate everything, like Amazon’s Dash buttons for re-ordering products.

Netflix is looking for coders to build APIs for doing more with the button. Perhaps in the future, we could have the ability to turn Netflix on and route to the latest TV show we were watching, skipping another small part.

If you want to have a crack at building ‘The Switch’, check out Netflix’s guide.