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UK shoppers abandon their shopping carts 50% of the time

If you have a habit of abandoning your virtual shopping cart before actually purchasing anything, you’re not alone. In fact, four out of ten UK shoppers do this, 50 per cent of the time.

This is the result of a new research by Talend, global big data integration software provider, polling the views of online consumers across the UK.

“This represents hundreds of billions in merchandise and a significant loss of potential revenue for retailers,” it says in the report, adding that as much as 40 per cent of this revenue could be recovered with the timely delivery of special offers.

The research also revealed a significant gap between the proportion of consumers who say it is always their intention to buy the goods they put in their online cart (42 per cent) and the 4 per cent of all customers, who always proceed to purchase the items in their basket.

It was revealed that the shopping basket is used as the part of the browsing process, as 58 per cent of consumers said they use it as a way to generate a wish list or calculate costs.

But 90 per cent of respondents said they would either complete a purchase or return to an abandoned basket, if they were offered free delivery on that basket, while 85 per cent said they would take one of these two options if they were offered a real-time discount or bundled offer on their basket.

Further underlining the power of harnessing analytics driven, real-time insight to drive sales, 36 per cent of the sample said they would take one of the two options provided, if the retailer could inform them what the products in their shopping cart cost at other online websites.