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Azuqua launches new SaaS integration solution

Companies are increasingly turning to software as a service solutions. But these often lead to problems when needing to integrate workflows with in-house or other SaaS solutions.

To address this, cloud software specialist Azuqua has announced the availability of a new integration solution for connecting cloud applications and automating business-critical workflow.

Users and administrators of SaaS applications for marketing, sales, support, and customer success have a growing need to automate business-critical workflow between cloud applications. For example, triggering a hand-off from a closed sales opportunity in Salesforce to the support team in Intercom and professional services team in Workfront. However, existing integration options often don't meet these users' requirements. Predefined integrations available in SaaS marketplaces can't be extended to solve custom process requirements, and traditional integration platforms such as Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) are expensive to purchase, and complicated to implement and modify.

Azuqua offers a simple and cost-effective approach to these business-critical integration needs. New and enhanced capabilities allow users to easily create, view, monitor and report on workflows. An easy-to-use visual designer expands the automation scenarios that can be defined with the addition of conditional branching. Data at each step in a workflow can be examined simplifying design, error-handling, and retries.

A log of all executions and reports summarises usage and ensures workflows are always operating. Workflows can be arranged by process, team, or any custom classification. In addition, permissions ensure safe and secure collaboration on workflows by defining the individuals who can edit, view, or run them.

"The ability to use SaaS application APIs in workflows has become a fundamental business requirement, but the lack of easily customisable and affordable solutions only adds to the integration headache for many customers," says Jeffrey M Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies. "Azuqua is improving the way automations are developed and deployed, while significantly reducing the cost and improving the customer experience".

Azuqua will be on display at Integrate 2015 or you can find out more about the latest release and request a free trial on the company's website.

Photo credit: Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock