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How to watch Google’s Nexus smartphone launch event live online

Well, we’ve had the big iPhone event earlier this month, and now it’s time for Google to reveal its new smartphone goodies on the Android side of the mobile equation, with the launch of its new Nexus phones later today.

There’s been plenty of leakage of these handsets, the Nexus 5X and 6P, which will reportedly be a 5.2in phone and 5.7in phablet (a tad smaller and more manageable than last year’s 6in phablet).

The phones will be unveiled at a press event over in San Francisco which will kick off at 17:00 our time, and if you want to watch the proceedings unfold live, there are a couple of places you can do so online.

The first and most obvious is Google’s official YouTube page where the launch is expected to be streamed according to the Telegraph (which is also providing its own livestream, incidentally).

Or you could point your browser at C-Net’s Livestream science and technology page, where the Nexus event is the featured stream, with the preamble beginning at 16:30, half an hour ahead of the actual launch itself.

As ever, Google will also unveil the latest incarnation of its mobile OS, Android Marshmallow, which comes with a number of tweaks including improved app permissions (with more control for the user) and better battery longevity.

The company is also expected to reveal a pair of new Chromecast dongles boasting a new design and improved Wi-Fi connectivity.

Image Credit: Tiesen Fu