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BlackBerry publishes first official images of Priv smartphone

BlackBerry has published the first official images of its incoming Priv smartphone, which is expected to debut next year.

The Priv was first announced by CEO John Chen when the company revealed its disappointing Q2 financial results last week – in a move which pretty much said, don’t worry, there is hope for the smartphone future of BlackBerry.

And indeed the Priv is a neat looking device, as you can see from the pic above. It’s a relatively slim slider phone, with the display able to slide up to reveal a full physical keyboard underneath.

Oh, and the other big difference with this handset is that it’s running Android, not BlackBerry OS, which will hardly hurt its chances in the popularity stakes.

Privacy is also a key point BlackBerry is pushing, with the name of the phone, Priv, apparently standing for both ‘privacy’, and also rather confusingly ‘privilege’.

In the blog post which revealed the images, BlackBerry stated: “Because it’s Powered By Android, Priv will also deliver the largest choice in apps and the most secure experience possible to the widest audience. Priv users will enjoy choice, innovation, security, privacy AND productivity. In other words, no compromises.”

However, when Chen showed off the new phone to Business News Network, it performed rather poorly – though of course the chief executive underlined the fact that he was using a demo unit, and the finished product will obviously be far superior.

No specs have been confirmed thus far, but the rumour mill has pegged the Priv as having a 5.4in QHD display driven by a 1.8GHz Snapdragon processor, with an 18-megapixel camera, and 3GB of RAM on board.

To be frank, this is probably BlackBerry’s last shout when it comes to smartphone market – if it can’t make a neat looking Android device work, then the future looks pretty gloomy when it comes to handsets.

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