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Google Maps comes to the Apple Watch

Apple Watch users not interested in the Apple Maps app for directions can now use Google's mapping product.

A patch to the Google's iOS maps app, released on Tuesday, brings the app up to version 4.11 and offers its services to the Apple Watch. Now, the smartwatch users can look up directions from their wrists, see estimated times of arrival for trips made by bike, car, public transit and walking, as well as the ability to call businesses and get directions from a list of places.

The app will also store a list of your most recent routes which you can tap on from beneath the “Home” and “Work” buttons.

Before yesterday, the only mapping option on the Watch was the Apple Maps, but as we know, the map app from Apple is not something the American company is particularly proud of.

Apple used to offer Google Maps bundled with its phone until 2012, when it was detached and replaced with Apple Maps. However, the app was so poorly done and was so filled with bugs and errors that it became a laughing stock on social media, and forced Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue an apology.

In late 2012, Google Maps returned to Apple's mobile software in the form of a standalone app.

The app is available for download at iTunes, and according to user reviews on the site, it seems as Google has once again created a solid product.

"I depend on Google Maps every day and am not disappointed! Luv ya maps!“ says one reviewer, while another adds: "Always improving, most local points of interest, best design!“