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Staff members still playing fast and loose with company data in the cloud

Another piece of research has pointed to failings in the usage of cloud storage causing unnecessary risks to businesses and their precious data.

The survey of a thousand office workers drawn from companies with 50 or more staff members, which was conducted by CensusWide on behalf of WinMagic, found that 41 per cent use cloud storage services at least once every week.

However, only 35 per cent of staff make use of company approved cloud services, and 43 per cent said they weren't aware of their company policy on the usage of these services.

One in 10 employees said they have no confidence in the security of their data in the cloud, and one in 20 who use cloud services on a weekly basis do so in spite of the fact that these services are actively restricted by their organisation.

The research also found that half of those questioned use their own personal devices to access work data and services at least once per week, and 47 per cent of staff use company equipment at home.

Darin Welfare, EMEA VP at WinMagic, commented: “This survey highlights the challenge businesses face when managing data security in the cloud. IT teams have had to cede a level of control as employees have greater access to services outside corporate control and this research indicates that IT must take additional steps to protect and control company data in this new technology landscape.

“The wide range of employee adoption of these services also means an additional layer of complexity when devising corporate policies and education programmes for the use of cloud storage services.”