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Twitter mulls allowing lengthier tweets above traditional 140 character limit

Twitter is planning a new product which will mean users can make tweets that are longer than the traditional 140 character limit, or so the rumour mill says.

The social network changed direct messages last month, removing the 140 character limit, but it was never thought likely the firm would mess with the limit in terms of actual tweets, as of course the brevity of updates is kind of the point of Twitter.

However, according to multiple sources who spoke to Recode, the idea of allowing longer tweets has been a subject of discussion in Twitter meeting rooms for years now.

The idea is it could help grow the user base, which has been a sticking point for the social network of late. Removing the limit may make tweeting seem a less intimidating prospect for more everyday computer users, as opposed to hardened social networkers.

Exactly how said new 'product' would be implemented isn't clear at this point, though.

There may also be moves to make the 140 characters go further by not counting elements such as links and user names.

Interim chief executive Jack Dorsey, who co-founded the social network, is apparently “supportive” concerning the potential change, which obviously makes it far more likely that something will happen.

Investors are certainly looking for growth from Twitter in terms of its user base numbers, and the company recently admitted that it needs to reach a larger mainstream audience to up these figures.

As we reported in July regarding the social network’s second quarter earnings call, there was no growth with user numbers remaining flat. CFO Anthony Noto also stated that “we do not expect to see sustained meaningful growth in MAU [monthly active users] until we start to reach the mass market.”

So it won’t be a surprise to see some radical changes at Twitter next year. How those changes might affect the core users of the social network is the tricky point…