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Apple patent shows iPhone with a curved screen

Apple could be planning a future iPhone with a curved screen, or at least the company has patented a design for such a phone – although it's different to your typical curved handset.

The likes of the LG G Flex have an inward (concave) curve, but this Cupertino patent shows a phone with an outward (convex) curve, meaning that the screen bulges outwards at the user.

What's the point of that? Well, as Ubergizmo, which spotted the patent discussed over at Patently Apple, points out, this helps create the illusion that the handset is actually bigger than it really is.

Though we're not hugely convinced on this front, we must admit. Plus a screen that bulges out isn't exactly ideal for things like watching videos in our books.

Perhaps the biggest strength, though, is the fact that such a display could be flexible, making it more durable too, and less likely to break when dropped.

However, this patent was actually filed two years ago, so the thinking behind this particular design could now be well outdated. It does show that Apple is actively exploring the idea of playing with a curved display, though.

Another recently spotted Apple patent shows a new headphone jack with a thinner D-shaped connector. This is 2.5mm thick compared to the traditional 3.5mm jack, and would allow Apple to further slim the iPhone down.

However, it would also mean that users' existing headphones wouldn't fit the new handset, so Apple would have to come up with some sort of adapter – though folks might not be too pleased at having to fork out more money for that accessory. The iPhone is expensive enough as it is…

Image Credit: Patently Apple

Darren Allan
Darren Allan

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