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Facebook moves to add profile videos for smartphone users

Facebook is adding a new feature for mobile users, allowing them to have a video for their profile page.

Facebook will play a seven second long video clip in a loop to give visitors something more dynamic to look at when they visit a user's profile.

The move was made, the social network notes, because more and more videos are being created and viewed on Facebook.

Another change which is being introduced is the ability to use a temporary profile picture, which will automatically switch back to your previous profile pic after a specified period of time.

In other words, when you're on holiday for example, you can switch to a picture of you sunning yourself for that particular week.

The social network has also tweaked profile controls on mobile, and improved the general design and profile layout to be more "visually engaging".

All these new features are still in the testing stage at the moment, and are rolling out to iPhone users in the UK and over in California – so you might see them very shortly.

In a post which TechCrunch spotted, product managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh stated: “We believe these improvements to profile will give people more ways to connect and share with each other, and express themselves in meaningful ways. We can’t wait to see how people use them.”