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How video can give your business a competitive edge

Rather than simply being viewed in entertainment terms, videos are proving hugely useful to businesses all over the world.

Whether it’s for external marketing or internal communications, video is a novel way to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Because of the prevalence of online platforms such as Facebook Video and YouTube, video content can be an effective way of engaging with your audience. When it comes to distributing marketing materials or projecting a brand image, the use of video can not only prove more eye-catching than static content, but it also shows that a company is willing to embrace new technologies.

In addition, a number of bespoke software packages are now available that make video creation and editing much simpler than ever before. This means that modern businesses do not have any excuse for failing to include video in their marketing or sales strategy.

Video has also demonstrated its utility when it comes to internal communications. If staff are unable to attend company events or meetings, for example, video provides a simple way of ensuring all staff are up to date and provides a much more rounded impression when compared to a transcript. Training initiatives can also benefit significantly from video content, enabling concepts to be explained more easily.

If businesses want to project a certain brand image or company ethos internally, videos can also prove useful. Similarly, if this ethos is being championed by a high ranking member of staff, perhaps one that is not often seen by all employees such as the CEO, video can be a great way of spreading this message in a more inclusive way.

Many businesses are already benefiting from video in terms of building relationship with customers and employees alike and this could ultimately provide the competitive edge that your company needs.

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Barclay Ballard
Barclay Ballard

Barclay has been writing about technology for a decade, starting out as a freelancer with IT Pro Portal covering everything from London’s start-up scene to comparisons of the best cloud storage services.  After that, he spent some time as the managing editor of an online outlet focusing on cloud computing, furthering his interest in virtualization, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.