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Apple chip orders show less confidence in the iPhone 6S?

Everything would appear to be rosy in Apple's garden of smartphone delights currently, what with record opening weekend sales of the new iPhone 6S models announced, but some shakier news has just popped up from Apple suppliers.

According to DigiTimes, iPhone chip suppliers are worried that Apple is going to adjust its orders downwards for the final quarter of this year.

As we've heard previously, expected shipment numbers for the iPhone 6S models have been 75 to 80 million units, but the estimated figure for Q4 has been reduced to 65 to 70 million.

That's a considerable drop, and a possible indicator that Apple isn’t quite as confident in its new smartphones as it previously was. If this report is correct, of course

While the record-breaking opening weekend of 13 million iPhone sales has been much trumpeted, as it’s a big leap from the previous year’s 10 million units, we have to bear in mind that one thing was different this time around – the handsets were available to buy in China right from the off.

As we pointed out in this recent article, that’s a big market and it will account for quite a boost in sales, although there is still no arguing that the iPhone 6S has done well with its opening salvo.