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Apple snubbed invitation to support Chromecast Audio

Google announced Chromecast Audio earlier this week at its Nexus event, and while it did have a lot of support from music companies, one app was noticeably absent: Apple Music.

Reluctant as ever to support third-party devices, Google apparently invited Apple to work on supporting Chromecast Audio, but it declined.

“So iTunes Music. We have an open SDK, and any developer can write to that SDK to support cast,” said a Google rep at the UK event to Trusted Reviews (opens in new tab). “So if Apple does that, then it supports iTunes Music.”

Apple has never been a big fan of supporting third party products, much preferring to build its own to compete. The only app it currently has on Android is ‘Move to iOS’, an app that it may have licensed instead of building.

Most of its major services, FaceTime, iMessage, News, and Apple Music remain on iOS. Apple did state Apple Music would be coming to Android, which does give the Chromecast Audio support some hope, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Google, on the other hand, offers its apps on iOS and Android at around the same time. It even pushes out more updates to iOS for some apps, and in demos tends to show off how capable its app is on an iPhone.

Of course, Google has more incentive to work on iOS than Apple to work with Google, considering Google makes most of its money through services. The more users, regardless of platform, the better.
Apple only makes 10 per cent of its revenue through services, meaning it doesn’t need to take Android too seriously. That said, the launch of Apple Music on Android (coming soon) shows that it is at least going to try, similar to its Microsoft predicament in the 1990s.

David Curry
David Curry

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