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Cloud28+ pushes out beta launch of EU cloud services catalogue

HP has announced that the Cloud28+ project has now entered a new phase with the beta launch of a centralised cloud services catalogue for the EU.

The idea of Cloud28+ is to make the move to the cloud easier for European businesses by providing a one-stop shop for cloud services, and making it easy to see which of said services are best suited to any given organisation.

HP notes that over 110 official members of the initiative can now offer their cloud services through the Cloud28+ service catalogue.

What's more, the ECSA (EuroCloud Star Audit), an independent cloud certification scheme, has been brought on board to give Cloud28+ partners a quality rating for their service, adding a considerable level of transparency to the project, and making it easier for enterprises to pick the right cloud offering.

Xavier Poisson, HP Helion vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa, commented: “Cloud is a critical component to ensuring a stronger digital economy in Europe. Hosted and secured in Europe, the cloud services provided over the Cloud28+ catalogue are based on a common framework in terms of quality, costs and security. This is already creating new opportunities for cloud service providers, greater choice for enterprises, and better access for developers.

“HP believes Cloud28+ will play an integral role accelerating organizations’ transformation to hybrid infrastructure, while protecting sensitive data that serves as the foundation of their rapidly evolving digital business.”