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Surface Pro 4 to benefit from an extremely thin bezel?

Microsoft is apparently set to reveal its new Surface Pro 4 hybrid next Tuesday, and a fresh rumour has popped up concerning its display.

As Microsoft News reports, speculation has it that the Surface Pro 4 will take a leaf out of the Dell XPS 13's book, with the introduction of a very thin bezel, allowing for more usable screen space.

Dell's so-called Infinity Edge display is virtually borderless, and makes for a gorgeous screen. Such an innovation would definitely be a boost for Microsoft's incoming device, certainly when using it in laptop mode with the keyboard attached.

However, an extremely thin bezel could be problematic when using the Surface Pro in tablet mode, as it will make holding the slate tricky without accidentally pressing things on the edge of the screen.

If it is going this route, Redmond will doubtless have cooked up a solution to any tablet issues, and one potential workaround could be the use of ‘Smart Frame’ technology. When in tablet mode, this would simply shrink the display size down a couple of inches to give a black border of ‘dead’ space where fingers and thumbs could safely hold the device without causing havoc.

The downside is, of course, you’ll have a smaller viewable screen when using the Surface Pro as a tablet.

Other rumours point to the Surface Pro 4 using Skylake processors, unsurprisingly, with better integrated graphics, and also Microsoft is expected to reveal two versions of the device – a 12in model and a 14in model.

If the latter has a microscopic bezel, it could look pretty sizable for a portable hybrid indeed.