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Monthly Android updates seen by HTC as unrealistic

HTC will not follow the footsteps of LG, Samsung and Google in giving a regular, monthly updates for its Android-powered phones.

The news was confirmed by TC America president Jason Mackenzie on Twitter. When asked about the regular updates by a user, he said the commitment to giving regular updates is “not realistic”.

“So why is @HTC not committing along with Google, LG and Samsung to give monthly security updates to its users?”, asked Benjamin Kerensa, and the answer was simple enough to fit in a single tweet:

“Because commitment to this is not realistic. In order to push an update you have to get carrier approval.”

Carrier approval is needed for any Android update to reach its users. That is the main reason why getting your Android updated to the latest version takes so long. Kerensa followed up by saying it was unlikely Samsung and LG commit to something unrealistic, but Mackenzie seems to be thinking just that.

“Let's see. HTC is leading in terms of transparency on updates and providing them. And we will continue to improve. “

The recently discovered Stagefright bugs, which allowed hackers to take full control of an Android-powered device through simple mp3 and mp4 files has prompted major smartphone makers to issue monthly security updates.

It was said that it is enough for a victim to play an mp3 or an mp4 file to have its device completely taken over, and in some instances the user doesn’t even need to play the file.