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Whitepaper: Flexible Capacity: A scalable on-premise datacentre platform with public cloud advantages

Managing and operating a datacentre entails working with a myriad of complex technologies that can be difficult to run efficiently and effectively. Decisions regarding equipment, systems design, support, and management of the overarching cost structure have far-reaching implications.

To address these issues, enterprises should look for solutions that carry a predictable monthly spend based on what datacentres and workloads consume. Enterprises should measure such solutions with service-level agreements (SLAs) and performance matrices — these are measurement capabilities enterprises should evaluate when working with a service provider.

Managing datacentre costs continues to be a challenge for many enterprises. At the same time, they want to simplify deployment and utilisation of application workloads and improve agility. Datacentres need to provision IT seamlessly, accessing new capacity in minutes, not weeks as was the case with the typical datacentre model.

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