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IBM and AT&T to provide enterprise mobile cloud security

IBM and AT&T have partnered up to create a mobile cloud security solution, the two companies said in a joint statement on Monday.

The solution “enables a workforce to be productive without compromising security and the mobile user experience", according to the press release.

The two companies have said that businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud computing for storage and business in general, and that connecting the cloud, employees and users across different platforms is a challenging task.

It becomes even more challenging knowing that “cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile apps, Internet connections and corporate networks”.

“The AT&T Cybersecurity Insights report states that our experts have seen a 62% increase in DDoS attacks over past 2 years”, the press release reads.

The AT&T and IBM mobile cloud security solution will help customers secure the device, connectivity and data. It gives companies simple tools they can use to properly enable their growing mobile workforce. The reference architecture includes:

  • IBM MobileFirst Protect: helps organizations manage and control mobile devices, apps and documents.
  • AT&T NetBond®: provides a high secure, scalable network connection to IBM's Cloud infrastructure services, SoftLayer.
  • IBM Cloud: the SoftLayer infrastructure secures public and private clouds for applications and data storage.
  • AT&T Work Platform™: enables separate billing of business and personal charges for voice, messaging and data use on an employee’s** personal handset.

“Balancing employees’ need for convenience with security has become a challenge for CISOs and CIOs across the world,” said Caleb Barlow, vice president, IBM Security. “To help protect organizations, employees and data, IBM Security and AT&T are delivering a tested and easy to deploy set of complimentary tools. We’re giving enterprise mobile device users stable, private access to data and apps in the cloud.”