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Wix launched a new website editor

A new website editor from was launched today, the company announced via a press release.

The company promises “highly intuitive user interface”, “industry first features” and “integrated functionality”, among other things.

his is also the company’s first full redesign of its cloud-based web editing software since launching the industry’s first do-it-yourself HTML5 Editor in 2012.

“Recognizing that today’s Internet users expect a personalized, intuitive and multi-faceted experience, we’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive code-free editing software for creating a professional online presence,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO. “Based on the user’s business category, the new Editor provides a tailored experience, where the features and capabilities most needed are at their fingertips. This isn’t just a product improvement, it’s a leap in what the market has come to expect from code-free platforms.”

Some of the industry-leading code-free features include:

  • Full screen strip layouts – Containing multiple design elements such as video, image galleries, text and more, these horizontal strips help split up the page into clear sections, allowing for stylistic variation.
  • Full page video background – Users can upload their own videos or choose from Wix’s free video background library to set up an eye-catching video background for their websites. All video backgrounds, whether full page or on a strip, can be customized by layering any design element, such as pattern overlays and colour palettes, included in the Editor.
  • Single click Parallax effect – “A first for code-free platforms”, users can now give their website an added layer of dimension by adding a parallax scrolling effect.
  • Anchor menus and docking elements – Essential but not exclusive to long scrolling websites, Wix users can create website navigation by utilizing Wix’s new anchor menus and element docking feature.
  • Personalization and tailored features – Based on the users’ profile, the Wix Editor will suggest design and business elements from both the Editor and the Wix App Market.
  • Verticalised templates – Dedicated templates built with business in mind and utilizing new design capabilities allowing users to more readily input key features while maintaining pure a drag and drop interface.
  • Contextual in-Editor support – The New Wix Editor provides users with intelligent and curated support throughout the design process without having to leave the editor.

A Wix Editor demo video can be found on this link.