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Facebook working on augmented reality, Zuck confirms

Facebook is not only working on virtual reality, but on augmented reality, as well. The news was confirmed by the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the recently held Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco.

During the summit, Zuckerberg explained the difference between virtual and augmented reality. While VR, a technology that's just around the corner, enables the user to experience completely new surroundings, ones which might be at the other part of the globe, AR helps the user better connect to the world around him.

You could walk down the street and see how many likes a business has, or how many people signed up for an event. „What Facebook is, is a way to give people a voice to share anything that they want in any form of medium with any audience they want,” TechCrunch cites Zuckerberg.

“Certainly this more immersive content will be an increasing portion of what gets shared. But another part of the beauty of Internet communication is it’s asynchronous. [But there will be] use cases where you can be in person with someone, doing surgery remotely, that you very much need to be synchronous.”

However, Facebook is treading over dangerous soil here. Google tested the augmented reality thing with its Google Glass project and failed spectacularly, with a huge social backlash over what the new technology can do.

However, it's not giving up on its augmented reality dreams, as Google Glass is now known as Project Aura and is still being developed. Facebook and Google are getting ready to jump at each other's throats, yet again.