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Amazon launches new cloud service for IoT devices

Amazon has stepped up its internet of things game by announcing a new platform for such gadgets, called AWS IoT. The AWS IoT will help companies handle tons of data gathered from internet connected devices such as cars, turbines, sensors, grids, light bulbs and the likes.

Amazon says working with internet-connected devices has been fairly hard so far, especially knowing that devices can’t always respond to API calls because of intermittent connectivity or because of power constraints. That’s why it has created something called Device Shadows – a “shadow” of each connected device that includes all of the information about the device’s state and is always available so that applications can check the device’s status and take actions that are automatically sent to the device once it reconnects.

“The promise of the Internet of Things is to make everyday products smarter for consumers, and for businesses to enable better, data-driven offerings that weren’t possible before. World-leading organizations like Philips, NASA JPL, and Sonos already use AWS services to support the back-end of their IoT applications,” said Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile and IoT, AWS. “Now, AWS IoT enables a whole ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers, and application developers to easily connect their products to the cloud at scale, take action on the data they collect, and create a new class of applications that interact with the physical world.”

Amazon IoT is out now in beta, with prices starting at $5 (£3.25) for every million messages. A full blog post has more on the new service.