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Sage launches new online accounting software

Sage just launched new online accounting software. The company claims small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can now access the same level of comprehensive, real-time accounting information as large enterprises.

This was, according to Sage, a long standing problem for smaller businesses, with the average small business having between four and eight software systems running the company.

“With Information stored in numerous systems and siloes it is impossible to gain a full picture of a business’s current health.”

To solve this problem, Sage is launching two new accounting solutions, Sage Live and Sage 200 Standard Online.

Sage Live is integrated into the Salesforce1 cloud platform and provides businesses with instant access to the full range of their accounting information, all in real-time and within a single interface.

Sage 200 Standard Online is an online accounting system for businesses that need more control, scalability and support to help manage complexity and growth. Sage 200 Standard Online is available via subscription which is supported and sold directly from Sage.

Both products connect with thousands of apps, giving entrepreneurs access to all the information that they need to plan for growth, and enabling business owners, accountants and employees to work together with all the most up-to-date data.

“If you can’t form an instant understanding of your business accounts and other financial information, you’re clearly at a distinct disadvantage compared to competitors who do have that data,” said Lee Perkins, managing director of Sage UK & Ireland. “In the past, it’s only been the big enterprises who could afford the complex software and infrastructure to deliver this cross-corporation, real-time insight.

“Sage’s expertise in SMB accounting has enabled us to create solutions that enable smaller firms to have enterprise-level insight at a fraction of the price of the tools used by big business.”