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Xirrus brings security to public Wi-Fi networks

We've come to expect public Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere we go these days. But using these networks can leave you open to a whole range of security risks.

There's now a way to use public networks safely as network specialist Xirrus (opens in new tab) is launching Xirrus EasyPass Personal Wi-Fi. This is a key feature now available in all Xirrus cloud managed networks that safeguards users and their data when accessing public Wi-Fi, guest networks and hotspot environments.

In a recent Xirrus survey on Wi-Fi usage, 76 per cent of people said they know that public Wi-Fi is not secure, but 62 per cent use it regardless of the security implications. EasyPass Personal Wi-Fi allows users to create a secure personal network via a simple, one-time process that authenticates all devices, ensuring the data across their platforms is safe inside the public network at all times.

Unlike a VPN, which encrypts end-to-end connections back to a corporate network and requires additional software, EasyPass Personal enables users to easily create their own secure personal network that automatically encrypts the data on the Wi-Fi network.

"Awareness of public Wi-Fi vulnerabilities is at an all time high. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, every time we connect to public Wi-Fi we are putting our data at peril and are at risk of identify theft. Until now there hasn’t been a wireless solution to address this threat," says Shane Buckley, CEO of Xirrus. "EasyPass Personal Wi-Fi is groundbreaking for our industry. With this introduction, Xirrus offers the first and only solution in the market that allows a secure private connection to be created within a public Wi-Fi network. Now establishments that have deployed Xirrus Wi-Fi can deliver the safest connection available and protect their users from cyber crime".

EasyPass Personal Wi-Fi allows devices to communicate within the secure personal network, traffic encryption protects valuable data and users can connect all personal devices effortlessly with no client configuration needed.

It allows businesses offering public Wi-Fi environments to reap the benefits of short term secure Wi-Fi communications. They can create a higher level of Wi-Fi security to offer new services, attract new business and create customer loyalty.

You can find out more about EasyPass Personal (opens in new tab) on the Xirrus website.

Image Credit: Sidarta (opens in new tab) / Shutterstock (opens in new tab)

Ian Barker
Ian Barker

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