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Apple bans content blocking apps, Been Choice bites the dust

Last week we reported how Apple allowed ad blockers, which blocked advertising from within other apps, on its app store. Among those apps was Been Choice, a very popular ad blocking app which gained a lot of attention, mostly because it blocked ads from Apple's News app, as well.

We also asked ourselves how long would it take Apple to realise what's going on and act. It turns out, not too long.

The app is now blocked, and according to multiple media reports, Apple is blocking a number of content blocking tools from its stores. However, it claims it's not doing it to allow ads, but instead – to prevent possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

The problem with ad blockers which block content from within other apps is that they have to be buried into the device's root in order to work, and that means potential trouble.

"Apple is deeply committed to protecting customer privacy and security," an Apple spokesman told iMore. "We've removed a few apps from the App Store that install root certificates which enable the monitoring of customer network data that can in turn be used to compromise SSL/TLS security solutions. We are working closely with these developers to quickly get their apps back on the App Store, while ensuring customer privacy and security is not at risk."

Apple hasn't revealed which apps were affected by the change, but it is easy to notice that Been Choice is no longer available for download.

The app's co-founder said it is now changing the way the app works in order to meet Apple's new guidelines, but the new configuration would still mean it could block ads in Apple's Safari browser and a selection of apps such as Apple News, The New York Times and Pandora.