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Samsung and Qualcomm cleared of patent infringement charges from Nvidia

Qualcomm and Samsung have been cleared of infringement charges from Nvidia, in a US judge's preliminary ruling on the patent lawsuit.

Under the findings of the US International Trade Commission judge, Qualcomm and Samsung did not infringe on two Nvidia patents. The companies did infringe on a third patent, which was, however, ruled invalid by the judge.

Nvidia claimed that the companies had infringed patents from the first graphics processing chip released it in 1999, in Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor line-up, and Samsung in its Exynos processors and several of its products, including Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Following this outcome, Nvidia executive vice president David Shannon said that the company intends "to ask the full commission to review this initial determination and to confirm the previous judgement of the US Patent Office that the third patent is valid."

"If they agree, the ITC would issue an order that would preclude Samsung from importing into the US infringing Samsung mobile devices and smart TVs."

Nvidia is also facing a countersuit Samsung filed in November, accusing Nvidia of making false claims about Tegra K1's benchmark scores, with Samsung arguing that its Exynos 5433 processor is faster, citing benchmarking studies performed by researchers at Primate Labs.

Samsung said Nvidia's GPU shouldn't be labelled as "the world's fastest processor" and also claimed that Nvidia is infringing several of its chip-related patents.