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New preview of Windows 10 released with Skype integration and Cortana tweaks

We knew that a fresh preview build of Windows 10 was in the pipeline, and indeed Microsoft has now announced the Insider Preview Build 10565, containing the previously rumoured improvements we were expecting.

Some of the biggest changes introduced by build 10565 have been made to Skype, with Skype messaging, calls and video being integrated into Windows 10 via the Messaging, Phone and Skype Video apps (which are universal apps).

This will mean a whole lot of added convenience for Skype addicts on Windows 10, and they will be able to do things like get Skype notifications in the Action Centre and initiate a quick reply directly from there.

Microsoft warns to expect some bugs with Skype though, and given that bugs are pretty much guaranteed with preview software, it might be a tad rougher than normal right now if Redmond is taking the time to caution about the software.

Also as expected, Edge has a new tab preview, allowing you to hover over a tab with the mouse and see a small preview window of the website pop up, much the same as with running apps on the taskbar. Favourites and reading list items are also now synced across devices in the browser.

The Windows 10 interface has been tweaked in various minor ways, such as better context menus with the Start menu, new icons, and more vibrantly coloured title bars – just some tidying up all round, really.

Build 10565 has also worked on Cortana, with the digital assistant now able to understand your pen-scribbled digital notes, so she can set reminders based on the content of these (times of meetings and so forth).

Microsoft has also introduced a new feature whereby Cortana keeps track of not just work meetings but leisure activities such as reminders for gigs you've bought tickets for, and just before the event, it gives you options to do things like book an Uber cab to get you there.

And naturally there are lots of bug fixes, and Windows Store apps which weren’t updating automatically should now do so.

Darren Allan
Darren Allan

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