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Pepsi is making its own smartphone

In a move which just might redefine marketing, Pepsi has decided to create a smartphone of its own and place it in the Chinese market.

The idea which might sound absurd at first, might prove to be the marketing stunt of the decade. According to multiple media reports on Tuesday morning, Pepsi is getting ready to launch a device called Pepsi P1. MobiPicker first reported the news and noted that the smartphone will have a 5.5-inch screen and run on Android. It will feature a 1.7 Ghz CPU and 16GB of storage, making it somewhat of a mid-range phone. Nothing fancy. The P1 will reportedly retail for around $200 in China (£130) and no one really expects it anywhere else in the world.

The company made it clear that it won't be manufacturing the phones, instead it'll be licensing its brand to a partner.

So… crazy or genius? The media agree – it’s a little bit of both.

ZDNet reminds us that this is not the first time brands move into industries that are far from what they’re into. “Is a smartphone any more unique than Coca-Cola's clothing line?” ZDNet asks.

“Tech brands are increasingly looking at non-tech options too. Apple is pondering a car. Google is too. Amazon tinkers with brick-and-mortar outlets for giggles.”

Engadget reminded us that Pepsi once created a game ingeniously called Pepsi Man.

But what seems even more interesting is the conclusion that, as technology costs come down, the devices we cherish and love essentially become throwaway items, ideal for marketing.