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VMWorld 2015: Keeping your digital content secure in a BYOD world

My first seminar of the day at VMWorld Europe 2015 was with Thibaut Bellon, SEMEA Sales Engineering Manager at enterprise mobility management company AirWatch.

The title of his talk was 'You bring the content, we'll keep it secure' and the session outlined the current trends in digital content creation within the enterprise and how businesses can keep that content secure and confidential.

Content management in the enterprise has changed dramatically in recent times with the rise of smartphone, mobile devices and BYOD policies. The problem, Bellon said, is that executives are bringing consumer-grade content management solutions into their organisation in an effort to keep up with demand, resulting in them "losing control about what information people are sharing.”

Employees are becoming more mobile. They want to be able to work remotely and create and distribute content, as well as collaborate with colleagues, from wherever they are. This ties in nicely with what Bellon believes are the two most important aspects of content: Real time access and preventing data loss.

The example for the importance of real time access he gave - although somewhat morbid - was to do with a car accident. If there is a car crash, paramedics on the scene could send pictures and information back to the nearest hospital and, with real time access to this data, doctors and nurses would be able to prepare for when the patients arrive.

But with this access, of course come security risks. According to Bellon, security is "one of the main concerns with distributing content in the enterprise" and AirWatch has various solutions to deal with this. As well as the expected password protection and fingerprint scanners, there is the 'Container Application' which keeps a users working environment separate on his or her personal mobile device, so employees can use their own smartphone without muddling up personal and corporate information.

There is also the 'Content Locker' solution, which utilises iBeacon technology to distribute content securely. For example, when you go into a meeting your device gets locked into a certain application. iBeacon receivers are then used to register when you enter the room and send content directly to you. Then, when you leave the meeting the phone is unlocked and the content removed from the device. The big benefit is that "you don’t go and get information, the information is coming to you directly,” to private information can't accidentally be sent to the wrong person or accessed by an outsider.

Head over to the AirWatch website (opens in new tab) for more information on its content management solutions and stay tuned for more news from VMWorld Europe 2015 (opens in new tab).

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Sam Pudwell
Sam Pudwell

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