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Oracle to allow cloud customers to ‘rent’ its IT staff

Oracle is set to offer its customers an entirely new service that lies somewhere between contracting IT staff and cloud computing, according to Business Insider.

Reports suggest that Oracle will allow customers to rent its IT staff alongside its cloud services – essentially offering an entire IT department as a service.

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Although a number of businesses already use Oracle’s cloud offerings, finding staff that are trained in the use of these applications can prove tricky. Of course, Oracle itself has these staff in place already and currently offers consulting services to help businesses use their products more effectively. Now it seems the company is taking this a step further and implementing a longer-term outsourcing service.

However, it remains to be seen when this so-called “service-as-a-service” will actually be launched, if indeed it proves to be genuine – so far noting has been officially announced by Oracle. The upcoming Oracle OpenWorld event later this month could provide a perfect opportunity for the company to announce its plans, with five days of talks and discussion sessions scheduled.

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If Oracle do launch an IT department outsourcing service, it will steal a march on its cloud rivals as none of its competitors are offering a comparable service. It could potentially convince businesses that cannot afford to employ additional staff on permanent contracts to choose Oracle software over the likes of Amazon Web Services.

Barclay Ballard
Barclay Ballard

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