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Biggest PC makers join forces to promote the PC

Every PC maker out there wants you to buy a new PC, and wants you to buy HIS new PC, and there's nothing new about it. But when all the major PC makers unite in an advertising campaign to try and boost PC sales worldwide, you know that the personal computer is in a limbo.

Well, according to Re/Code, that's what going on nowadays. Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo have all united in an advertising campaign called "PC Does What?“.

The campaign, set to be announced today, will feature the companies’ top marketing executives and will be present on the TV, in the press and online.

According to the media, the campaign will run in the US and China and its goal is to show people that a modern PC can do much more than what their machine at home does. Intel noted when it launched its newest chip family that there are 500 million PCs out there that are five years old or older.

All of this is happening because the PC market is in a decline, and the upgrade cycle is not forecast for a full turn before 2017. PC sales are expected to shrink another eight per cent before then.

Intel and Microsoft are providing the bulk of the funds for this effort, but Dell, Lenovo and HP are also kicking in ad dollars.

Sources declined to say just how much is being spent, but one described it as a “sizable” campaign, commensurate with promoting a $300 billion per year (£193bn) industry.