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Boost your traffic management with real user monitoring

DNS is the backbone of the internet, but the growth in cloud usage and the Internet of Things is putting traditional approaches to traffic management under pressure.

Intelligent DNS and traffic management company NS1 (opens in new tab), today announced the launch of Pulsar, a cloud-based Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution that brings the power of user level data to a company’s advanced data feed and traffic management capabilities.

Combining RUM data with a highly granular traffic management solution is an industry first and provides enterprises with a clearer view into their application performance, enabling intelligent, real-time and automated routing decisions. Pulsar is engineered to be lightweight, turn key and easily integrated into existing infrastructure via APIs or a non-invasive script placed on a website or application.

Pulsar's features include real-time end user telemetry to enable automated traffic routing decisions based on the user's precise geographic location and network pathways. It can then route users to optimal service endpoints based on actual performance telemetry, including latency, throughput, packet loss, jitter, application specific information and more.

It's also seamlessly integrated with NS1's intelligent DNS and traffic management platform, so customers can take full advantage of NS1's managed DNS network and patented Filter Chain routing technology. This lets customers easily configure complex routing decisions with a library of mix-and-match algorithms to fit their specific needs.

"DNS and traffic management are key components of application performance," says Kris Beevers, co-founder and CEO of NS1. "With Pulsar, the NS1 platform is revolutionising how enterprises manage application performance by giving developers visibility and control over Internet traffic at the extreme edge.

"This capability, when converged with our intelligent DNS, traffic management and infrastructure feeds, delivers unprecedented speed and reliability to truly bring about unparalleled application performance and customer experience".

More information on the Pulsar platform (opens in new tab) is available on the NS1 website.

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Ian Barker
Ian Barker

Ian Barker worked in information technology before discovering that writing about computers was easier than fixing them. He has worked for a staff writer on a range of computer magazines including PC Extreme, was editor of PC Utilities, and has written for TechRadar, BetaNews, IT Pro Portal, and LatestGadgets.