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Security will be the #1 priority for IT experts in 2016

Security is the biggest challenge among IT professionals across the globe, trying to keep their company’s business running, a new survey suggests.

A report entitled “The 8 Issues Derailing IT Team Innovation”, was created by Ipswitch who tried to uncover the biggest issues IT departments are facing as 2016 approaches.

After surveying 2,685 IT professionals across the globe, security stood out as the biggest challenge for 25 per cent of them.

IT infrastructure and application performance monitoring was second with 19 per cent, while new technology, updates and development was on third place with 14 per cent of answers.

The biggest focus was on North America, with 61 per cent of answers coming from the continent, while Europe gave 24 per cent. Asia-Pacific assisted with 12 per cent of answers, while Latin America gave three per cent.

“Behind every business-critical application that serves as the lifeblood of modern commerce, companies rely on IT teams to keep them up and running 24/7,” said Jeff Loeb, CMO at Ipswitch. “This survey identifies the key challenges facing IT organizations heading into 2016, and highlights how IT teams are coping with increasing complexity and security threats.”

Ipswitch split the challenges into eight distinct categories:

  1. Security (25 percent)
  2. IT Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring (19 percent)
  3. New Technology, Updates and Deployment (14 percent)
  4. Time, Budget and Resource Constraints (10 percent)
  5. Business Issues (seven percent)
  6. Data Management and Storage (six percent)
  7. Device Management and End User Issues (five percent)
  8. Automation and Reporting (four percent)

The findings of the report are available here and the major themes will be discussed during the Ipswitch Innovate 2015 Summit, a two-day virtual conference on October 21 and 22.