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Toshiba unveils dynaPad, Windows 10 tablet to best the Surface?

Toshiba has revealed its answer to Microsoft’s Surface tablet – the new dynaPad which comes complete with a high-end stylus.

This is a 12in tablet (with a resolution of 1920 x 1280) running Windows 10, and indeed Toshiba claims it’s the slimmest and lightest such device in the world, weighing in at a tad under 570g, and measuring just 6.9mm thick.

The stylus, or pen rather, is billed as a high precision affair, and to be precise it’s a Wacom Active Electrostatics TruPen which can differentiate between 2,048 levels of pressure.

The upshot of this and the thinness of the slate is a digital jotting experience that replicates the feeling of writing with a pen on paper, Toshiba claims.

And Microsoft agrees, with the company stating: “The dynaPad is a great digital notebook, specially designed to encourage your creativity, and also enhance productivity … mirroring a common-size notebook, for a very natural and fluid handwriting experience.”

As this is a Surface-style 2-in-1, it comes with a keyboard attachment (which hooks up via magnets) so you can use it as a laptop, and also a ton of Toshiba software for note-taking and other duties such as taking screen grabs, voice recording of meetings, real-time collaboration when jotting notes, and so on.

The display features palm rejection tech, wide viewing angles, and an antireflection along with anti-fingerprint coating.

It’s a slick sounding device, and Toshiba says it should be available in the UK and US come the first quarter of 2016.