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UK visa rules for IT experts to be eased amid worker shortage

If you are an IT specialist living outside of the European Union, and had trouble reaching London's Tech City for a promising job position, I have some good news for you.

The Telegraph reported on Friday that the UK government will overhaul the rules on visas for foreign technology experts. The current system is too complicated and intimidating, thus preventing a bigger number of experts from reaching London's Tech City.

The result of the current system is that UK tech sector's growth is slowing down, instead of growing to its full potential.

There will now be four new ways for foreign technology specialists to meet the criteria, which Tech City said “will prove to be a vital tool for companies that want to secure the high calibre people they need,“ The Telegraph reports.

There will be a new fast-track route for workers being brought into assist companies trying attempting to grow towards a stock market flotation, including software coding, finance and online security specialists.

Ben Medlock, co-founder of SwiftKey, a popular smartphone keyboard app that increased its staff numbers by three dozen last year to 140, said: “Cutting down on the processing time of visa applications, prioritising certain sets of skills and adding a new provision for UK scale-ups are improvements that will make a huge difference for fast-growing digital companies.”

Ed Vaizey, the communications minister, said the visa overhaul would help “bring the best and brightest to British shores as we continue to stake our claim as a Tech Nation on the global stage.”