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How to create a culture of cybersecurity at work

All businesses face cybersecurity challenges, which means proactively protecting organisational assets, employees and consumers must be a priority for every business.

If you run a small business, you may be an especially easy target for hackers and cyber-criminals. The pickings may be slimmer than with a multinational corporation, but bigger companies are better protected. Your company may not have the resources to maintain a dedicated IT team, and no one person may be responsible for securing your network, implementing password policies, ensuring data protection, and, above all, analysing attacks when they occur to ensure they don't happen again.

The statistics also don't make for comfortable reading. According to an research from Intego, 70 per cent of small firms go out of business within a year after experiencing a major data loss and 60 per cent of small businesses breached close within six months.

To help stop this from happening, Intego (opens in new tab) offers some ways that business leaders can protect their organisations, their employees and consumers' data from cybersecurity threats in the infographic below.

Cybersecurity at work

Sam Pudwell
Sam Pudwell

Sam is Head of Content at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and has more than six years' experience as a reporter and content writer, having held the positions of Production Editor, Staff Writer, and Senior Business Writer at ITProPortal.