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Apple hit with £150 million fine for patent infringement

A jury has ordered Apple to pay $234 million (£151 million) to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation after an earlier ruling that the company had infringed patents (opens in new tab). A few days ago it was found that Apple had used technology owned by WARF in iPhones and iPads chips.

The resulting charge is much lower than the $862 million that had previously been suggested; it is also less than the $400 million WARF had been seeking in damages. Apple intends to appeal against the verdict, but there is still another court case looming.

It has been found that the A7, A8 and A8X processors Apple used in the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus as well as some iPad models, violated performance-improving patents owned by WARF. While Apple did not contest the infringement, the company had looked to greatly reduce the amount that should be paid. While WARF was seeking damages of $2.74 for every device sold, Apple thought that $0.07 was more appropriate.

US district judge William Conley explained that Apple's infringement had not been wilful, and this was the reason the award amount was so much lower than it could have been.

Next on the horizon, apart from the appeal, is a separate case surrounding patent infringement by Apple's A9 and A9X processors.