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Dell talks up its Windows 10 security features

Everytime Microsoft releases a new operating system, security comes to the forefront for regular users and especially for IT pros. There are other considerations of course - usability is a big one after Windows 8 annoyed many customers.

For those companies with concerns regarding a Windows 10 migration (opens in new tab), Dell has come out and spoken about its security features which work in conjunction with the latest and, possibly, greatest OS to come out the doors at Redmond, Washington.

Paul Walsh, CIO at Dell, sums things up - "We live in a world today where large data breaches and security incidents are on the news every day. One major security incident could really damage a company’s reputation. Dell leads the industry by delivering the most secure PCs in the world and Dell and Microsoft partnered to make sure Windows 10 on Dell is the most secure commercial offering on the market today".

To make this happen Walsh explains that Windows 10 has a lot of built-in safeguards including software to deal with phishing, malware and viruses. In addition, Dell adds another layer by adding the Dell Data Protection suite. The software is built specifically to work with Windows 10 and is primarily designed for the enterprise.

Is all of this enough? That depends on the user, as bad habits are one of top causes of getting into trouble online.

Photo credit: rvlsoft (opens in new tab) / Shutterstock (opens in new tab)