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GCHQ to monitor Chinese-built nuclear plants in the UK

Just this morning I wrote a report on how a Chinese-state hacker group allegedly attacked seven American companies just days after the two countries agreed not to attack each other, and now the most populated country in the world is being dragged into another cyber-scandal, this time with the UK.

Britain's spies will oversee the creation of three nuclear power plants on the Island, fearing the Chinese could abuse them in the future. Chinese companies will be involved in the creation of three nuclear power plants in Britain, a move which should be officially announced in the coming days, during Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to Britain.

According to The Times, UK government officials and cyber-security experts have been concerned for years that Chinese tech companies might be building backdoors into their technology being sold in Britain. Whitehall, for example, removed the firm’s video conferencing equipment from several government departments amid fears that it could be bugged. China has denied these allegations on multiple occasions.

If diplomatic relations between the UK and China were to ever break down, the Chinese could take control of these plants, which is a matter of national security, The Times wrote in a report.

Chinese companies team up with French energy behemoth EDF at Hinkley Point in Somerset and in Sizewell, Suffolk. China could also get the opportunity to design and build its own nuclear facility in Bradwell, Essex.

A GCHQ spokesman said: "GCHQ has a remit to support the cybersecurity of private-sector-owned critical national infrastructure projects, including in the civil nuclear sector and nuclear new builds, when invited to do so by the lead government department involved."