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Apple Music already has a third as many paying subscribers as Spotify

Apple has been boasting about the number of users who are subscribed to its Apple Music service, over at the WSJD Live conference.

Chief executive Tim Cook revealed that no less than 15 million users are now on board listening to tunes via Apple's streaming service, International Business Times reports.

Just over 40 per cent of those subscribers are paying customers, 6.5 million of them in total (meaning that 8.5 million users are on the free trial of Apple Music).

Overall, those are some pretty impressive initial numbers. In comparison, Spotify, the streaming giant which has been going for ages, has around 20 million subscribers (and 75 million users in total, as we heard back in the summer).

Spotify is available in 58 countries these days, and claims it pays revenue to rights holders of around $3 billion (£1.9 billion).

Tim Cook has also talked about there being massive changes in the auto industry in the future, a definite nod to the rumour that Apple is preparing to build its own car.

For the moment, however, Apple's CEO noted that CarPlay was the company's focus going forward. Of course, that’s hardly surprising as any full-on electric iCar would be a long way down the road, so to speak…