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Microsoft's Peggy Johnson got a £5 million signing bonus

It seems as Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella reeeealllyyyyyy wanted to hire Qualcomm's Peggy Johnson. As it turns out, he offered the former Qualcomm executive vice-president a signing bonus of $7.8 million (£5.04).

Together with the bonus, her total annual pay for 2015 amounts up to $14.53 million (£9.38m). That puts her just below Microsoft’s CEO himself, who earns $18.3 million (£11.82m), but well above Kevin Turner, traditionally the highest-paid executive after the CEO at Microsoft, with almost $12.2 million (£7.88).

Johnson’s signing bonus is not all cash, though. It’s a mix of cash and stock, meaning she can’t pull everything out before 2018, when her stock vests.

All this information, reported by UK’s business insider, comes from Microsoft’s proxy statement, and was confirmed by a Microsoft representative.

The board says in the proxy statement, “Ms. Johnson’s strategic relationship management and focused approach on creating collaboration with internal business groups across the organization aligned to the Company’s efforts to drive new growth in mobility and the cloud. Under Ms. Johnson’s leadership, the Company developed an innovative new partnership with Uber, including transferring Microsoft’s imagery acquisition operations to Uber. She also led the collaboration with Cyanogen, a mobile computing company with an operating system built on Android, to integrate and distribute Microsoft consumer apps and services on Cyanogen Operating System to enable Microsoft to bring new experiences to mobile users in markets around the world.”

“Based on her fiscal year 2015 performance, Ms. Johnson received a cash award of $1,295,000, which was 120% of her target award.”