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Hybrid workforce model as a solution to understaffed business

The lack of highly trained IT staff, as well as IT staff in general across the UK has forced businesses to get creative when it comes to upscaling and getting work done.

One of such companies, employing a somewhat different model is Gibbs S3. This model enables businesses to scale their technical workforces easily and at short notice to tackle crucial problems. Gibbs S3’s approach, known as a hybrid workforce model, allows rapid up-scaling of staff levels as well as offering consultancy project solutions, providing an alternative means of managing workforces in response to current economic trends. “The hybrid solution is particularly suited to the unique challenges of IT staffing, but is also being used to great effect across a range of sectors including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and financial services, all key to the private sector’s continued success,” it says in the follow-up press release.

Farida Gibbs, CEO and Founder of Gibbs S3, observed that there are fundamental challenges facing the fast-growing sector: “Not enough is being done to up-skill and cross-train employees in order to prepare Britain to compete in a digital economy. The persisting imbalance is particularly damaging as the skills shortage is a massive cause of constrained innovation and growth in the private sector. Companies who are tied to traditional workforce structures are often unable to implement business critical projects due to a lack of technical knowledge and staff. We are regularly speaking to businesses that are consistently running on a skeleton workforce and they are clear about the damage this is causing.”